Saturday, July 14, 2007

we lost......

i cant believe we lost to the cheras school
their pitching is so out!!
you know y we lost,
because one of the judge say that our "you raise me up" song sounded like church choir!
i'm happy and angry at the same time,
cause this means that we are good,
but he cant give us low marks just because he thinks that it's a "church choir"song!
pls la, it not even a christian song,
its a inspirational song,
if he actually rated us like normal,
we could actully won 1st!!
all because of him we only got 3rd.
3rd!!!!! not even 2nd!!
the cheras ppl got 2nd!!
come on!!!!
even the catholik school oso so much better that them la.
kepong this year DID NOT WOW us like used too
they sing the same old pewira song and some english song that hav to much movement.... i meant the whole song!! its not choir anymore!!


~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said...

Yo... JQ, chill it, girl...
you and I are both stubborn people, agreed?? so I'm going to make a litte comment here...
Firstly, I'm not at ease at how you kind of "attack" Cheras school... They are humans, just like us...
Remember the way we felt when others attacked us by saying that we're stuck up and copycats... we know that that's untrue.. .but it hurt our feelings nevertheless..
Thus, you might be hurting others too..
Secondly, who care what they say about us... We enjoyed ourselves and the crowd love us...that's all it matters, right?? So, don't take it too hard okay??
Thirdly, movements spiced up the songs... so, it's a little unfair to say that "its not choir anymore"... KCC has movements too, remember... anyways, all it's in the past... Let us not be "sore losers" and move on... We've got an audience to wow for a concert... Lastly, Convent Choir ROCKS...

Love, yen woon

Ai Ling said...

chill jus a competition..have lose n win..dont care wat others ppl saying...u ppl had try ur best atleast u ppl won something