Friday, July 27, 2007

Stop all blame on Paris Hilton

In the ‘Malaysian Today’ newspaper (not sure which issue) had written a short article about many young girls in Malaysia are having eating disorders just because they want to be thin like Paris Hilton. Paris was to blame for girls wanting to emulate her weight-conscious ways. In a Star newspaper report of June 24 said that ‘being thin is in’ and I’m assuming that Paris must be one of the top-10 thin divas. Yes, the way she handles herself may be wrong and she may been hated for being sexy, thin, rich or just because she is an incontrollable adult, but she shouldn’t be blame for people who are trying to be like her. She didn’t force or ask us teen girls to be bulimic or calling us not to eat so that you are not fat and ugly. I think she didn’t even want people to be a full copycat of her because if the entire girls in this world do, Paris will loss her uniqueness and individuality. Nobody wants other people to be them, we are all afraid of a better version of us will bring us down.

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