Monday, July 30, 2007

For once, it was so beautiful...

i hate the rain sometimes,
especially on the days when i'm in school,
tuition, chruch or just any outing.
It kills me to know that i'm getting wet because of the rain.
other than that,
i love the rain,
it helps me to sleep, relax, to have an enjoyable mood,
and i love the smell of the rain.
But only today,
the weirdest thing happen,
i kindda love the rain while i'm in school,
in my class,
sitting at my desk,
enjoying the beauty of the rain through my classroom door.
I wanted to take a picture of it,
if i had a camera.
i would have drawn it out,
if i could draw.
it was pouring quite heavily for a while,
it was perfect how God made it,
the nature of water droplets splashing away from the roof,
it was like a flock of birds flying away in a group,
of course, the splashing was much shorter,
but it was wonderful!

this was something that i've written while i was too bored and it was really raining that day, it was something that i saw through my classroom door.

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