Saturday, April 28, 2007

i'm annoyed by some one!!!!

i just dont get wats with some ppl la!!

i got 1 fren who answers ppl without looking at ppl....

that fren nvm la.. at least the fellow answers ppl.....

i got 1 worst!!

this fellow u ask whether can u talk to that fellow or not oso will not answer......... the fellow acts like didnt hear anything!! ignore me only!!!
i so good waited for a while thought that the fellow will answer me... who noes the fellow is such a JERK!!! i dunno wats with the fellow la avoiding me only.... i come, the fellow go... wat am i?? a ghost are?? scare u off izzit?? if ur busy just ask me to wait la, at least let me noe u heard me!!

i'm so mad!!! at this fellow!! use to thought that the fellow is such a good person... WATEVER!!! yes la!! u very great d la, got some high pose in some where!! can ignore ppl d la!! IT'S SO ANNOYING!! when no frens only talk to me.... i'm not a toy,ok!!!!

always wan... in a place where the fellow got less frens, the fellow will talk to me... in a place where the fellow is so call ' famous' and the person that the fellow likes wan is there, the fellow will totally ignore me!! SO JERK LA!! i cannot tahan!!

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