Thursday, March 8, 2007

mY LiFe iS mEaniNgLeSS witHOuT Tv!!

i didnt know why i did this but i fasted 1 of the most important thing in my life!
this is for META CAMP.. i dunno y but i'm worried cause i heard they got not enough men power. I felt so bad cause i agreed to Brian at 1st to be in the committee, then suddenly, the date clashed with my trip to Sabah, so i have to back out.
It's only my 3rd day, but i'm braking down! i'm going crazy! i remember last night, i was laughing to myself in my room!! yes, i have more time but i'm not in the mood of studying! it's so boring!!

I know i needed to find away to stop my laughing, so i started doing weird stuff like :

origami ( i only know how to do birds )

girly string stuff

i got no more colour string so i use this string and it ended up to be one of my hair acessories!

Well, i pass last night...
Today, i came back from school, i was tired but i have to finish my tuition home work 1st, so i slept after that. i woke up at 5.15 cause i got ttn at 5.30, dunno why, my left eye like blur blur like that and it wasnt my spec problem. No choice, i went ttn blur blur but thank God after a while it went back to normal.
Anyway, the whole add math ttn i was moody and dun feel like talking much and sleepy. i feel so useless cause no TV.. i miss all my shows and movie.. i feel like quiting and almost quit.. didnt know what kept me on going yet.. i fell week... help me..

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