Thursday, August 25, 2016

New LANEIGE Meets Fashion: Lucky Chouette!

Oh my gosh, can you see how adorable these products are? I'm so blessed to be invited to their annual Laneige Meets Fashion collaboration preview. This year, Laneige collaborated with Lucky Chouette, the second line from a Korean fashion brand Jardin de Chouette. The brand is very popular and adored by tons of K-pop girl members, celebrities, and influencers.

Chouette is a French word meaning owl. Thus, you see the two darling owls representing Laneige x Lucky Chouette named Bella Chouette (in pink) and Vely Chouette (in blue).

Bella Chouette is a gorgeous pink owl that is known to be elegant, confident, enthusiastic and outspoken. Always bold and beautiful with it's makeup look.

Vely Chouette on the other hand is a lovely blue owl that is shy and introverted. Her shiny eyes is ready to melt anyone's heart.

The Laneige x Lucky Chouette line-up consist of the new Serum Drop Tint lippies, the Multi-Colour Palette, and the limited edition Lucky Chouette designed BB Cushion (Whitening and Pore Control) in #13 Light Beige and #21 Natural Beige.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chit Chat GRWM + New Laneige BB Cushion First Impressions \\ JQLeeJQ

I received the new Laneigie BB Cushion Whitening in SPF50 PA++++ and decided to do a first impressions video of it. Additionally, kinda did a chit chatty get ready with me video too. 

Hope you enjoy the video! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Flower Challenge! \\ +Giveaway \\ Fleuraway x #TehChamLee

Hello everyone! We are excited that we get to collaborate with Fleuraway for this challenge where Dex and I had to compete to see who can recreate the ready made bouquet by Fleuraway within 10 minutes!

Do check out our video and they are also kind enough to sponsor the giveaway. Three (3) medium Fleuraway bouquets are up for grabs! 

Also, we have a coupon code for you! Mention #TehChamLee when ordering and get 20% discount on bouquet priced RM58 and above. Coupon code valid only till 30th August 2016, Dex and JQ’s official 1 year anniversary being together!

Contact them through:-

Facebook page: @Fleuraway
Mobile: 013-3898779

Check out our video here!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily Soft Contact Lens [Review]

I received this in the mail a few days back and I have to rush this review. Thus, it's just going to be a pretty brief one. I could only tell you my first impressions of these new Bausch and Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily Contact Lenses and how I feel about them after only had the opportunity to try them for 2 days. So here goes.

I like Bausch and Lomb, I'm actually customer wearing their basic monthly Softlens 38 and I have no complains. They are comfortable and worth my money. The new Lacelle Diamond Series are printed with an exquisite pattern that mimics the light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond. They claim to help your eyes dazzle with charm while it being a breathable lens, providing all day comfort.  

They have pack sizes with 10 lenses or 30 lenses per box. They are made as daily disposable lenses with 14.2mm in diameters. It comes in 3 unique colours: 

Aqua Glacier - Alluring aqua sheen of a glacier that reflects fun, approaching and refreshing. 
Champagne Brown - Instantly light up your face with the dazzling gorgeous brown. Provides a natural classy demure look.
Pink Rose - Gives your eyes a scintillating sheen that is distinctively feminine. A classic symbol of grace and gentleness.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hits & Misses: Gobdigoun Korean Skincare [Review]

I'm back with another hits and misses review! This time, I'm talking about a Korean Skincare Brand that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable to review in the beginning because firstly, I never really had a good experience with sheep placenta but I decided to try them because I love the material of the mask sheet, cellulose gel mask, they are the most amazing type of mask sheet ever. Secondly, there's a pig picture on the boxes of the eye mask. I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of having some piggy ingredients/essence on my face but I wanted to try it because again, the material of the eye mask is hydrogel, a really nice material for an eye patch.

Anyway, those aside, the packaging actually are pretty luxurious looking and feel. They all have a substantial feel and weight to it, and looks really well designed. Of course, other than the pig picture in the eye patch boxes, everything else seems pretty legit.