Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm [Review]

Raved, Loved and Craved over by many women around the world. We can't help it, they are truly just gorgeous. As you should know by now, a good matte lipstick is not easy find, let alone a good matte yet moisturising lipstick. Thus, I can't agree to this term 'Balm', it's not even close to a 'balm' unfortunately. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Modern Furnitures You'll Fall In Love With, Almost Immediately.

two kids on bed
I'm sorry but these kids are just soooo adorable! 
Plus, they looked absolutely matching with the bedding style. 

Stanzo Collection

Stanzo Collection, Malaysia's first retail concept store recently launched at 1 Mont Kiara Mall. It offers an all-inclusive furniture shopping experience under one roof. It's also displayed in an organised manner for you to view and visualise how the furniture and furnishings would look like, amidst the setting of a real home.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm a Woman and I'm Wonderful [Advertorial]

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Just because they say 'you should love the way you are' doesn't mean that you should just sit in front of the tv and be a potato couch forever. We should always find new ways to further enhance the way we look because the additional effort will help you in ways you don't even know possible. Naturally, the more you like what you see in front of the mirror, the more confident you will be. If you can't do it yourself, there's nothing wrong with getting some help from the professionals. A place where you get guidance and encouragements into fulfilling your goal. 

Mayfair Bodyline recently launched their new outlet in the Pavilion Beauty Hall. They have actually been in the slimming, beauty (using a reputable brand of Ree's Skin Formulation) and spa industry for over 29 years and they are one of the most establish homegrown beauty salon in Malaysia with 31 outlets throughout the nation.

Mayfair cares for your total well-being. They are designed as a one-stop centre where you'll find advance technologies and professional therapists serving you in a cozy environment. So is not just a place for slimming treatments, it's also a place where you can relax and unwind with their pampering sessions.

Consultation room 

Treatment room

Treatment room

Smaller facial rooms

I, myself had tried their body treatments including Vibe Kinetic Therapy (VKT), Medijet Cellulite, CLA Chilli Slimming and HEAT Circulation.

What happened was I changed into my robe and stepped on to the VKT machine where its vibration felt like thousands of small rolling massages. Along with the infrared heat that helps burns fat faster, 10 minutes on it is equivalent to one to two hours of exercising, burning approximately 500 calories. By the end of it, it felt bit itchy on my thighs but it's normal to feel that way cause of the vibration.

Then, I went back to the room for my Medijet Cellulite session which involves a machine forcing your muscles to work. It supposed to hydrates the skin and increase the blood circulation which helps to enhance the plumpness of the skin and mask the dimpled effect cause by cellulite. It was literally the highlight of my trip. They had the tool scanning over my thigh and when it encounter a particular muscle section (that connects to the movement of my leg), it will somewhat shock my muscle and makes my leg move involuntarily. I wanted to laugh every time leg jumps unconsciously, it was weird that I can't help to stop my legs from moving. Having said that, it was tiring cause of all the 'exercise' I did.

Finally, I was being wrapped tightly with essence of chili pepper seeds, the active elements in capsicum that's known to be effective in the excretion of body fats. Don't overthink it because it literally just looks like your normal body cream except that it smells like chili. Along with this CLA Chili Sliming treatment, I lay myself in a heat blanket for the Heat Circulation treatment where it aids in relieving muscles, improving blood circulating and reducing fluid retention. Besides that, this was also the session where I dozed off.

After coming out from a pool of my own sweat, I requested to shower before my Medijet facial treatment. It's a needle-free technique replaced by electric wave injection with up to 6cm deep penetration of the skin. This treatment helps to improve skin texture and skin tones at the same time, reduces fine lines, pigmentation and scarring. Pretty basic process, double cleanse, machine then mask. The treatment is not as scary as it sounds nor was it painful but you can see slight brightening and lifting effect immediately.

Of course, these are the treatments packed together for me. They will specially customised treatments according to your concerns and needs.

Mayfair Bodyline is having a promotion of RM29 for 5 treatments!
For more info, visit Mayfair Bodyline website or Facebook page.

Giveaway Time! 
10 lucky readers will be getting a chance to experience a customised treatment by Mayfair! Just tell me why you are wonderful and remember to leave your name and email at the comment section below. Most creative 10 wins! Giveaway close on 31 July 2014.

Don't stop loving your body ladies!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

3 Easy Chip Dipping Recipes That Will Rock Your Party! [Photos]

Easy dipping recipes

I'm no expert in cooking but I watch a lot of cooking shows. There's just something interesting about watching other people doing all the work while you stare at the screen and salivate. Lols, just kidding. I would love to cook more often but I guess I'm a typical Gen-Y constantly being so caught up with work and life that I used it as an excuse for my own lazyness. 

Thus, these 3 dipping recipes is going to knock your socks off! It's so easy yet delicious, perfect to serve for a game night or even a slumber party. Read on if you want to know how. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Uneven Sunscreen Application Without Us Realising It!!!

Okay, this scares me, a lot. I may be young but I'm troublingly afraid of pigmentation. Thus, I'm one of those girls slap on sunscreen like crazy. However, as we all know it that as we grow older, it's only natural to have fine lines and wrinkles appearing. I personally have the slightest issue with my laugh line around my lips area and crow feet around my eyes. Other than that, I've already accepted the fact that my under eyes lines will never go away due to my itchy hands keep rubbing my eyes and extreme dryness when I was previously working up on the hill. 

As a diligent SPF user, to learn that sometimes, no matter how well you apply your sunscreen, it still can be uneven totally freaks me out because this means that I'm not protecting my skin fully thanks to our irregular skin surface texture. And we wonder why some parts of our skin shows more obvious pigmentation. #annoying