Saturday, October 13, 2018

How To Earn Lots Of Money In Sims 4! SO SMART PLAN!

One of the most genius idea ever! Since we are grinding for a new house, hoping to move before Get Famous Expansion pack arrives. Additionally, needing to make sure Olivia age up to a young adult so she can be ready for the road to fame. Exciting times ahead!


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Mamonde All Stay Foundation & Sponge Review

According to Mamonde, this new All Stay Foundation provides a light, semi-matte coverage that is perfect for a natural makeup look and stays in place without creasing or fading unevenly. It also claims to be long lasting and contain a Mamonde exclusive Freeze and Fix powder "formula" where it actively absorbs sebum throughout the day, keeping the skin matte.

Check out my video first impression below on the Mamonde All Stay Foundation for more visual!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I Tried Secret Key Brow Tint Tattoo Pack!

There was such a hype about tints last year that I believe the phase has left this year. I was sure if I wanted to do this video but since I've already bought them, why not. At least I'll finally know what they really are. 

Check out my video review below for more visuals. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

16Brand Easy Duo Eyeshadow vs. Missha Easy Trio Eyeshadow! (SHOWDOWN!)

Specifically 16Brand duo eyeshadow have been known as one of the easiest eyeshadow in the world. After many viral videos speaks highly of it, I couldn't help it but to take the opportunity with my Althea points to get this eyeshadow and another similar concept eyeshadow to compare them side by side. 

So I've got the 16Brand Eye Magazine in 01 Everyday shade and the Missha Triple Shadow in 14 Dewey Apricot. Check out the video review below for more visual.